10+ Promotion Email

A Promotional email is a type of email that businesses can use to
promote their products and services in Greatest Way.

All Shop On Discount

Discount on every purchase.

Onboarding Discount

Convince customers via features.

Multiple App Discount

Convert leads to customers.

Discount For Mobile App

Mobile app discount and details.

Discount For Desktop App

Desktop app discount and details.

App Features

Features described with app screen.

App Downloads

Download app for android and iOS.

App Download For iOS

Download app for only iOS.

Price Table 1

Price table with feature details.

Price Table 2

Price plans with plan info.

10+ Announcement Emails

An Announcement email is a message that a business sends to their contacts to tell them about a new product release.

New Product Launch 1

Product details with discount.

New Product Launch 2

Sell product with ui experience.

Introduced New Features

Describe new features with Text.

Product Features 1

Describe all features with Icons.

Product Features 2

Describe features with Video.

App Integration

Show integration app to users.

New Licence Generated

Licence code with useful guide.

Book Download

Engage customers with freebies.

Tips and Tricks 1

Guide your users with useful tips.

Tips and Tricks 2

Guide your users with video.

03+ Event Emails

Sending a stunning design email to your audience will
demonstrate the worth of your event.


Events with detailed agenda.


Event with speaker info.


Detailed event information.

04+ Welcome Emails

A welcome email is the first impression a company makes with a new customer, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber via email.

Welcome Email 1

User getting started email.

Welcome Email 2

Getting started with steps.

Welcome Email 3

Getting started with a guide.

Welcome Email 4

Getting started with the screen.

03+ Milestone Emails

Display all your important data & stats the way you like it! You
get a wide range of fully flexible graphs, charts & more.

Monthly Analytics Graphics

Show user statistics with graph view.

Monthly Analytics Number

Show user statistics with numbers.

Monthly Statement

Send user app usage report.

09+ Newsletter Emails

Newsletters Email are a type of email that informs your audience
of the latest news, Blog, or about product or company.

Product Newsletter

Weekly update product details.

Single Newsletter 1

Product announcements and news.

Single Newsletter 2

Know your audience, your product.

Newsletter 1

Single column full image blog layout.

Newsletter 2

Single column text blog layout.

Newsletter 3

Double column image layout.

Newsletter 4

Double column layout with button.

Newsletter 5

Single column image layout.

Newsletter 6

Single column layout with timestamps.

08+ Subscription Emails

The subscription email is a follow-up message delivered when a consumer completes a certain action: subscribed to your product or service.

Subscription Confirmation

Send subscription confirmation info.

Subscription Auto Renewal

Auto renewal subscription confirmation.

Renewal Reminder

Subscription renewal reminder.

Update Payment

Update payment payment method.

Subscription Cancelled

Ask user for re-purchasing.

Subscription Expired

Give discount to user for re-purchasing.

Trial Start

Give user details product overview.

Trial End

Ask users for upgrade free to premium.

08+ Transaction Emails

Transactional emails are used by businesses to provide crucial
information to clients at key points in the customer journey.

Order Confirmation

Send user purchase confirmation.

Order Out For Delivery

Send order tracking code info.

Order Delivered

Notify user order is delivered.

Order On-Hold

Notify user payment is not received.

Order Failed

Notify user payment is failed.

Order Refunded

Notify user amount is refund.

Order Cancelled

Notify user order is cancelled.

Abandoned Cart

Notify user forgot something in cart.

18+ Notification Emails

Email notifications are the best and the easiest way to inform subscribers about changes or are just about to happen soon.

Email Confirmation Code

Email verify via code.

Email Confirmation Link

Email verify via link.

Reset Password Code

User reset password via code.

Reset Password Link

User reset password via Link.

New Device Login

Notify user unfamiliar activity.

Gift Card

Send a user gift voucher or gift token.


Send opt-in confirmation email.


Ask users to re-subscribe.

Feedback Number

Collect user feedback with Number.

Feedback Star

Collect user feedback with Star.

Project Invitation

Send invitations to your project.

Invitation Team

Send invitations to join the Team.

Survey Email

Ask users for product experience.

New Comment

Notify users about new comments.

Download Files

Notify user download files.

New Follower

Notify users you have new followers.

New Message

Notify the user you got a new message.

Privacy Policy

Notify user update privacy policy.

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