06+ Top Bar

Starto beautifully designed top bar modules enable you to display your email header in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way.

13+ Navigation

Navigation modules come with remarkable functionalities and options – Starto will hand you everything you need to create your email design easily.

18+ Title

Present each and every aspect of your company with title modules, let customers and subscribers get in touch with you with ease & much more.

12+ header

Starto comes with an outstanding collection of Header sections and full compatibility with the Maool email editor to easily customize with a few clicks.

33+ other module

Made for Startups, Apps and firms, Starto comes with a collection of 33 beautiful module designs you can use as a starting point for your email design.

20+ Content

Create your awesome & attractive looking emails. A wide array of stylish and easily customizable content modules included with the email editing process is a breeze.

13+ Service

Create the ultimate email design experience with our gorgeous set of service modules. Add text, icons and images to service modules to make them stand out.

04+ Product

You can easily build an elegant email design with Starto wide range of user-friendly product modules guaranteed to offer a great shopping experience.

09+ Blog

Starto comes with a collection of custom made blog modules & a wide selection of versatile single post modules. Share your thoughts & ideas with your newsletter.

13+ call to action

We’ve thought of everything, which is why Starto comes with a set of predesigned call to action modules. Simply choose your favorites & customize them to your needs.

09+ Button

Button modules are the absolute essence of email design, it has everything you will ever need to create a truly captivating email design.

06+ Divider

Have a blast setting up and easily managing your email design with the divider module & customize it to your heart’s content with Starto, creating an email is a fiesta!

03+ Regard

Attention-grabbing regard modules for all types of email design, and energetic email layout which can be easily customized to fit your every need.

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