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A Human-Centric Email
Design For Stylish

A Complete Startup Email bundle which is design by experts. Unlock the
power of your email marketing today with Starto!

09+ unique Category

Starto has absolutely everything you need to succeed in your business. Show the products to your customers in a stylish manner and give them an amazing email experience.

Promotion Emails

10+ Templates

Announcement Emails

10+ Templates

Event Emails

03+ Templates

Welcome Emails

04+ Templates

Milestone Emails

03+ Templates

Newsletter Emails

09+ Templates

Subscription Emails

08+ Templates

Transaction Emails

08+ Templates

Notification Emails

18+ Templates

13+ header Style

Create a wonderful user-friendly navigation experience for your customers and subscribers. Choose your header styles and modify them to fit your preferences.

Header 1
Header 1

Minimal Menu

Header 2
Header 2

Login Buttons

Header 3
Header 3

Center Menu​

Header 4
Header 4

Action Icons

Header 5
Header 5

Standard Menu

Header 6
Header 6

Center Logo​​

Header 7
Header 7

Left Logo

Header 8
Header 8

App Icons

70+ Email Template

We build the highest conversion email templates to help you convert subscribers into customers immediately. Make your email campaign stand out with a starto email bundle.

15+ footer Style

Starto email bundle is designed to make your life easier. Choose from the huge collection of footer style and easily customize with a few clicks.

12+ Core Features

Starto email template used by both experienced designers and newbies, and it gives you the ability to create stunning email designs with surprising simplicity and speed.

Drag & Drop Editor

Create stunning and beautiful Email with award winning drag and drop Maool email editor.

Builder Feature 1

Reusable Saved Module

Maool email editor includes a hassle-free save module feature. Design your email in minutes!

Builder Feature 2

70+ Email Templates

Kickstart your Email design process with over 70+ premium responsive email templates.

Builder Feature 3

Responsive Template

Starto emails are responsive by default, so they display perfect on every device.

Builder Feature 4

In-line Editing

Instantly see changes you make with the most popular WYSIWYG editor on the market.

Builder Feature 5

Preview & Test Email

Use the email editor to preview your email and test it in your recipient's inbox.

Builder Feature 6

10+ ESP Integration

With Maool email editor, you will quickly and easily export your email template to a connected ESP.

Builder Feature 7

One Click Export

Now you can export your email template to connected ESP with just a one click.

Builder Feature 8

Design Panel

Hundreds of customizable settings, including fonts, colors, padding, etc., with just a few clicks.

Builder Feature 9

No Coding Required

Build and customize every part of your Email visually without having to write a single line of code.

Builder Feature 10

Image Hosting

Free image Hosting, Add and organize your images instantly directly from your desktop.

Builder Feature 11

Video Tutorials

Detailed video tutorials to help you get started or create advanced layouts step by step.

Builder Feature 12

10+ ESP Ready

With over a million users, Starto email designs are compatible with your favourite most popular email service providers.






Active Campaign

150+ Module Design

Starto email bundle is designed to make your life easier. Choose from the huge collection of modules and easily customize with a few clicks.

10+ Video Tutorials

You don't need any special skills to create an email template. This library of more than 10+ feature-instructional videos will help you manage your template.

Try Starto Now!

Starto comes with the Maool Email Editor, which makes email design much easier and time-saving. You can create beautiful emails in less time.

Free Plan

Free ForeverGet started with Maool.

Premium Plans

Save 20% with an annual plan

Pro For individuals and new startup.


Agency For growing Agency.


Frequently asked questions

The following is a collection of Maool's most frequently asked questions and answers.

You are paying for the Maool Email Editor Premium plans. The Starto Email Bundle is a premium email bundle. You can use the Starto email bundle with Maool Email Editor Premium plans. Once you purchase any of the Pro or Agency plans, You will get access to Maool Email Editor Premium Features & Starto Email Bundle along with many more premium email bundles. Starto is one of many premium bundles from Maool.
The Pro license allows you to create as many emails as you want, but for only one brand. If you’d like to create emails for many brands, we recommend that you upgrade to the Agency plan.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings. To perform this action, go to Account Settings and click on Billing. You need to click the “Cancel Subscription” button and it’s all done.
Starto Email Bundle and Staro Ecommerce are both different from each other.

The Starto Email Bundle comes with 70+ HTML email templates. You can get access to Starto once you purchase any of the Pro or Agency plans of Maool Email Editor.

Starto Ecommerce was created specifically for e-commerce stores such as Shopify and Woocommerce. Start-Shopify is a Shopify Compatible Transaction Email Template for usage on the Shopify Store. Woocommerce Compatible Transaction Email Templates are available from Starto-Woocommerce for usage on the Woocommerce Store.

Starto-Shopify and Starto-Woocommerce each have their one-time fees and are not included with the Maool Subscription Plan.
When you subscribe to any of the Pro or Agency plans, you have access to all of the Premium Email Bundles, including the Starto Email Bundle. Maool provides a large number of premium email bundles and is regularly releasing new premium email bundles.