All WooCommerce Email Templates For your Store.

11+ Transactional Email

Transactional emails are automated emails sent from one sender to one recipient, usually related to account activity or a commercial transaction.

New Order Placed - Admin

Notify admin that a new order placed.

Order Cancel - Admin

Notify admin that an order is cancelled.

Order Failed - Admin

Notify admin that an order is failed.

Order Processing

After payment is done; contains order details.

Order Completed

When customers orders are completed.

Order Refund

When an order is refunded.

Order Hold

When order is placed on-hold show order info.

Customer Invoice

Contains order information and payment links.

Customer Note

When a customer note is added.

Reset Password

Customer has requested a password reset.

Email Confirmation

When customer creates a new account.

10+ Subscriptions Emails

Subscription emails are sent when a user subscribes to a plan for using a service. It includes subscription, renewal, cancellation, or expiry, etc.

Admin New Renewal

When you pay for a subscription renewal.

Admin Switch Order

When customer switch their subscription.

Order Suspended

when a user manually suspend subscription.

Subscription Cancelled

When customer subscription cancelled.

Subscription Renewal Processing

Subscription payment is done ready fulfillment.

Switch Completed

When the subscription switch is completed.

Subscription Expired

When customer subscription expired.

Subscription Hold

When subscription renewal order is on hold.

Subscription Renewal Completed

When subscription renewal order is complete.

Renewal Invoice

When the subscription is due for renewal.