11+ Order Emails

An Order is a customer's request to purchase one or more products from a shop, shopify is the act of sending orders to customers.

Order Confirmation

Customer after they place their order.

Order Edited

Customer after their order is edited.

Order Invoice

Order has an outstanding balance.

Order Canceled

If a customer's order is canceled .

Order Refund

If a customer's order is refund.

Draft Order Invoice

When a draft order invoice is created.

Abandoned Checkout

If customer leave checkout page.

Payment Error

If their payment can’t be processed.

Pending Payment Error

If their pending payment can’t be processed.

Pending Payment Success

If their pending payment is successfully.

Payment Reminder

After the due date for unpaid orders.

Pos Exchange Receipt

After they complete an exchange.

Email Cart From Pos

When you email their cart from pos.

05+ Shipping Emails

Shipping refers to all the services that are required to transport the products purchased online from a retailer to a customer's delivery destination.

Fulfillment Request

Product details with discount.

Shipping Confirmation

After customer made a purchase.

Shipping Update

When order’s tracking number is updated.

Out For Delivery

After placing an order for delivery.


After order is delivered.

03+ Local Delivery Emails

Local Delivery allows customers to buy your products online and have you deliver them straight to their doorstep.

Out For Delivery

When their local order is out for delivery.


When their local order is delivered.

Missed delivery

When they miss a local delivery.

02+ Local Pickup Emails

Local Pickup is a delivery option that can be added to a listing if the seller agrees to meet the buyer locally to deliver the item.

Ready For Pickup

When order is ready to be picked up.

Picked up

When the order is marked as picked up.

05+ Customer Emails

A number of activities will be conducted every time a new consumer places an order with your store.

Customer Account Invite

User instructions for account activation.

Customer Account Welcome

When user complete account activation.

Customer Account Password Reset

Request to reset their accounts password.

B2B Access Email

When customer they are added to a company.

B2B Location Update Payment Method

When they ask to update their stored payment method for a B2B location.

Contact Customer

When you contact them from the orders.

Customer Payment Restore Request

When customer payment restore request.

02+ Gift Cards Emails

A number of activities will be conducted every time a new consumer places an order with your store.

Gift Card Issued

When you issue or fulfill a gift card.

Gift Card Confirmation

If they add a recipient to their gift card.

01+ Email marketing Emails

Email marketing is the process of sending marketing messages by email to new and present consumers in order to sell.

Confirmation Email

When User sign up for email marketing.

02+ Returns Emails

When a customer requests a Return, they are expressing their dissatisfaction with the product for some reason.

Return label/tracking For a Return

When you create a return. Includes instructions.

Return label For an Order

After creating a return label.

Return Request Confirmation

After they have requested a return.

Return Request Approved

When you approve a return request.

Return Request Declined

When a return request was declined.

01+ Staff order Emails

With "Staff Order Emails," each relevant team member will receive a notification email containing essential order details, such as customer information, products ordered, quantities, and shipping address.

New order

When a customer places an order.

01+ Draft Orders Emails

You can create and edit email notifications to let you or staff know when a customer places an order.

New draft order

When a customer submits an order for review.

06+ Core Features

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